What is establishment of
RealLife-based Usability Evaluation Center?

It's a business for advancement of user-oriented life-friendly service product manufacturing industry through establishment of the Future Industry Usability Evaluation Center and spread of service by receiving subsidy from the Government and Daegu Metropolitan City.

  • Building clinical laboratory for usability evaluation
  • Developing standard clinical test indicators
  • Managing business support program

Future Industry Usability Evaluation Center,
We run business like this.

  • Supporting business with standard/
    technology transfer and the like for user-oriented living service item manufacture industry advancement
  • Establishing technological system for each type of usability evaluation and platform standard system
  • Developing 300 standard usability evaluation indicators in electric power field (welfare medical device, household appliance, medical instrument, and the like)

How much does your item care the user?

Future Industry Usability Evaluation Center will help you.

Usability evaluation means how easily and comfortably a user can use a product regardless of the user's physical properties, gender, age, and knowledge.

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